LightRed HD / MiddleBlue HD VTi 9.0.0

Before switching to the new versions of an image backup should be done.
Before installing the new version (s) must present on the Box previous versions are removed by manually deleting the / usr / share / enigma2 / Skinordners located. When this is done. can the new versions are installed on the manual installtion packages.
Starting the Individual Skinparts via menu - VTI - settings of the respective Skin's about the PRO function.
For the PRO function AtileHD the plug is necessary.

ipk enigma2-plugin-extensions-yweather-0.6_r.1_all.ipk (277.6 KB,
ipk enigma2-plugin-skin-light-red-hd_2.5.4_all.ipk (1.26 MB,
ipk enigma2-plugin-skin-middle-blue-hd_2.5.4_all.ipk (1.27 MB,