VU+Skin KravenVB 2.5.0 released VTI image

There is a new version with many improvements and enhancements:
KravenVB 2.5.0

The logo is short:
Weather revised query fundamentally
Revised ECM info fundamentally
Built Primetime as an option
Incorporated more color option for the progress bar
Allen complained foreign code removed
If you miss the channel list with MiniTV / PIP, we have the following to say: Unfortunately, the distribution of modules and ofmarthom been criticized. Although these modules are under a CC license, we will respect this wish. With these modules, our skin would have more options. We are working intensively on a solution until the next version.

Thx to Kraven,örlgrey and tomele

ipk enigma2-plugin-skin-kravenvb_2.5.0_all.ipk (3.02 MB, enigma2-plugin-skin-kravenvb_2.5.0_all.rar - Speedy Share - upload your files here