VU + Skin kravenvb 2.0Instalation notes:
- Please ignore any messages about missing files the installer. That's right this way.
- After installing the IPK Please go to the plugin, making the settings, saves them and confirmed reboot
- Translation and the version number of the plug appears after you restart the GUI.

The list of changes:
- Greatly improved plugin
- Greatly improved screen
- Improved detection of HD audio and surround sound
- Introduced a selection of light or dark icons
- Added a choice of colors for other elements
- Warmed All the system menu
- Warm Multiquick button completely
- Recorder Series Warm default skin
- Heavily modified Infobars
- Amended Weather Display
- Changed skin CoolTVGuide
- EMC-skin changed
- Built many new options
- Conducted many other improvements

attached Files

File Type: IPK Enigma2-plugin-peel-kravenvb_2.0_all.ipk (2.91 MB enigma2-plugin-skins-kravenvb_2.0_all.rar - Speedy Share - upload your files here