Skin SPARK V1 mod by mamba65

Already integrated in Skin:
≈ Picons Weather,Run EPG Text,Picon Sat,Picon Prov,Cript,Emu,Fan,Cpu,Memory,Up Time in Info panel ≈

Info jak ustawić pogodę
1~Open Weather Plugin from Plugins brwoser
2~Press Memu from Keyboard
3~Press Green Button (Add)
4~Write you city name in (City) option
5~Click yellow buttons (Search Code)
6~Now select your city and press green button (ok)
7~Press green button (ok) again
8~Finish Exit from plugin bu pressing Exit button

Instal Skins
Please put the ipk in folder /tmp and install as

opkg install --force-overwrite /tmp/*.ipk​

Test OpenPli 4.0, BH ,Vti-6.0.8,Vix-3.0.8