VU+ Skin BlackHarmony UPDATE 10.06.2015 by crash-image VTI
Version 1.7

Changelog 10/06/2015
- Added screen UpdatePlugin
- Amendment CronManagerFile
- A new version of the screenshot MovieSelection
- Added scrolling EPG Selection
- In dodatakch nowege fonts can be downloaded and Myriad DroidSans

Version 1.6

Changelog 06/03/2015
- Added screenshots for the plugin MovieBrowser
- Added screenshots for plug-in Media Player
- Added support for plug-PluginMover
- Improved color selection with the channel editing
- Improved description of the MovieSelection with support Cover
- Modified screen volume
- Fixed long exit
- Improved Brightness LED
- IPTV player DELETED graphics beams, now he cuts the first letter
- MOD Skin_Infobar_ZZPicon, TMP shifted to the left
- Added new fashion from a colleague Marcus (infobar, Secondinfobaro and ChannelSelection) (Available through plugin konfigurace Skin)
- The new version of Plugin UserSkin.
a. The ability to update the online skins, add-ons and plug-in
b. The possibility of changing the appearance of the beam illumination
- The new version of the channel list. Support dual 100x60 lines and Picon (Available Skina plugin configuration and settings in the Configuration Channel List)
- The weight of the cosmetic amendments

Important !!

The new version requires additional installation package crul. We do it in the following way.

1. opkg update
2. opkg install curl

1. I changed some graphics and the font so before programming Skin its best to make copies of itself.
2. Unfortunately, the plugin is closed and not interfering in its code is a small possibility of its adaptation to the needs of skin. To get an effect like the screenshot should be on the menu, the following options:
- Appearance videos: Metrix
- Show Background: Automatically
- Use background M1V: No
- Show TV in the background: Yes
- Size the background Posterwall / Backdrop: FullHD
- Show description in Posterwall / Backdrop: Automatically
- The rest of discretion.

List of channels with support for double line and Picon 100x60
In Menu -> VTI -> Channel list, you need to set these options:
1. Use double-spaced letter style: YES
2. Show picony the list of channels: 100x60


Version 1.5

Changelog 22/05/2015
- Amendments to PluginBrowser
- Added screenshots for the plugin SHOUTcast
- Improved screen volume
- Cosmetic fixes

The new version of Plugin UserSkin to @ j00zek, which allows you to change:
* Style Highlight
a. lemon
b. The light yellow
* Channel list with backlight lemon
* Channel list with a window PIG
* Several options infobar [basic, medium, full, zzpicon and the one that I use; P]

Version 1.4.1

Changelog 14/05/2015
- EMC single screen for versions 3.7 and 4.0 (tested must act on both versions)
- EMCMediaCenter revised date
- MSNWeatherPlugin improved the size of the place name
- Improved CronManagerFile, causing BS

Version 1.4

Changelog 13/05/2015
- Improved converter gExtraInfo, do not leave garbage already in logs
- Added missing converter, now picony displayed in the EMC and MovieSelection
- Added screenshots for the plugin CoverFind
- Improved screen MultiQuickButtonMacro (caused BS)
- Improved screen MultiQuickButtonScript (caused BS)
- Added screenshots for the plugin ShootYourScreenConfig
- Fixed EPGRefresh (caused BS)
- Improved appearance EPGSelectionEPGBar_HD
- Fixed GraphMultiEPG (currently operates the main screen)
- A new version of the plugin UserSkin (works choice of fonts)
- Cosmetics ...

Version 1.3.1

- Modification MovieSelection a cover
- Improved EMC channel Picone osunięto
- In userskin added choices for EMC Picon

Version 1.3

- Increased font size
- Added screen "Long OK"
- Added screenshots of MSN Weather
- Added the cover in the movie the player and the player emc
- Added screen IPTV Player
- Improved screen Numerical Text Input
- Improved screen AutoMountEdit
- Added screen EMC Scan Imdb
- Modified screen MovieSelection
- Modified screen EMCSelection, added cover and Picon
- Added a plugin to configure Skin

UserSkin plugin to @ j00zek

Skin plugin allows you to modify to your liking. Currently, we have to choose:
- The description of the channel list on the left side
- Infobar basic version
- Selection of recordings from the service Covera

DreamExplorerII fix font

Modification, through which we have more fonts in the window of the plugin.

MSN Weather plugin configuration


Skin uses two types of Picon: XPicon and ZZpicon
Renderer searches the following paths:
searchPaths = (, / media / cf /% s / "," / media / usb /% s / "," / media / hdd /% s / ',' / usr / share / enigma2 /% s / ')
looking directories from piconami:
1. for Xpicon directory should be called Picon
2. for ZZPicon directory should be called zzpicon,


Method 1

1. Unpack the archive
2. Put the downloaded package to / tmp, then log on via telnet to the decoder and issue the command:
/tmp/*.tar.gz -xzvf tar -C /

Method 2

1. Unpack the archive
2. Put the downloaded package to / tmp, then select VTI panel installer manual and unpack the tar.gz

Dnonload SCREEN

Dwonload POBIERZ

VU+ Skin BlackHarmony UserSkin ver. 02-06-2015