Update: 25/05/2015

Auf dem Feed liegen Updates bereit.

merlin4 revision 305:
- ClockToText:
-- get rid of negative time indications in MovieList
-- new type AsLengthWithHours (don't use WithSeconds for movie length indication with hours!)
- Merlin Settings: new option to select format of movie length in movie list (h:m:s or m:s)
- PiconMapper: fix no more working picon mapping (bouquet mode)
- GraphMultiEPG:
-- add new option to show picons instead of service name (default=No)
-- replace colours causing eye cancer
- MerlinInfo: small fix
- Merlin4 Skin V3.7:
-- add: components enhancements from DMM
-- add: component views for Merlin MovieList
- finished movielist changes for templated multicontent (removed show progress and media icon options, this is enabled all the time from now on)
- GraphMultiEPG: remove patch for fullhd as changes are directly implemented and covered by main patch
- GraphMultiEPG: follow changes by DMM
- SkinSelector: follow changes by DMM

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