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21/01/2016: * New Enigma2 Compiled

* Allow gstreamer to convert the audio when the dvbaudiosink doesn't
support the format

* servicemp3:

- follow GstBuffer API changes
- follow gstreamer api changes
- fix gstreamer assertions, iterating elements
- add sanitychecks on subtitle caps
- fix getting text-tags
- support text/x-raw subtitle caps

* servicedvb: allow timeshift to be started on an http ts stream

* Export timeshift helper functions

* channelselection:
From setup menu in channelselection go back to channelselection.
So you can toggle channelselectioncontextmenuCustomise
and configchannelselection

* Fix crash when writing epg cache to the disk:
Timestamp in contentTimeMap can differ from eventData timestamp.
In such cases eventData is not removed from timeMap. timeMap is
used in eEPGCache::save which accesses in such a case freed memory.
This can cause crash.

BlackHole.2.1.7.NewFix DM800HD CLONE